EPISODE 12: Life Stinks Half The Time

Dec 09, 2019

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-      Opposition in all things

-      How often do you think you will feel good? – what percentage of time?

-      What percentage of time do you think that you feel bad?

-      What does it mean to resist feelings?

-       When you resist feelings, you are not only denying yourself negative feelings that may serve you, if you feel them to their fullest for a short period, but you are likely also not able to feel positive feelings that may well serve you too.

-      50/50 rule is that half the time, no matter what, your life is, no matter who you are, you are going to feel negative emotions.

-      We often feel like there is something external that is going to make us feel like we have “arrived”

-      Truth is, that the guy who makes a million dollars a year has just as many down days as a guy that makes $35k

-      The woman who weights 125 has just as many down days as the woman who weights 250

-      We want to think that we will not have negative emotions because negative emotions are bad in our mind and that means that there is something wrong with us.

-      It is a lie that people who have x don’t have negative emotions.

-      Negative emotions are part of the package of opposition in all things. 

-      What negative emotions are you trying to avoiding when you are buffering with pornography or other things?

-      What negative emotions are you creating when you buffer with pornography or other things?

-      What positive feelings are you reserving for when you overcome your pornography use?


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