EPISODE 23: Battle of the brains overcoming pornography is about an ancient struggle

Feb 26, 2020

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Battle of the brains - why your lower brain hijacks your best intentions and you still buffer

So you have a problem.

We all do. 

We are trying to survive in a world where survival is virtually guaranteed

Infant mortality is down across the world

Life expectancy is up. Since 1950 when life expectancy was 45 years old to 2020 we’ve added nearly 30 years to the average life of a person.

Yet, with this survival going on we are also getting into things that are quote bad for us, like pornography, excessive eating, video gaming, over spending, and so many other buffers that keep us entertained in the very short term, but that bring a host of negative consequences in the long run.


Because of the thing that got us to this point.

Our lower brain and it’s effective use of the motivational triad.

Ok, yes, all those words.

What ‘s the lower brain, why does it have a triad and does that involve nuclear arms?       

-      Lower brain

o  Conservation of energy

o  Seeking Pleasure

o  Avoiding pain



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