EPISODE 44: Wanting vs Committed

Jul 12, 2020

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1.     Write down the websites you will visit that day

a.     Writing down the websites gives your higher brain control over the situation. 

b.     Why not just write the sites you won’t visit – there are too many to count

c.     If that day you visit a site that leads to pornography use, evaluate that site for tomorrow. 


2.     Only visit those sites

a.     What if I have to visit a site that isn’t on my list for the day?

                                               i.     If it’s for work, then you do it. 

                                             ii.     If it isn’t for work, then you need to make a judgement call. You are the owner of this process and when you are free of pornography then you will be making these calls all the time.  

                                            iii.     You may decide that if there is a site you need to visit, that you will have your spouse do it with you

                                            iv.     Or you may decide that it can wait until tomorrow. 


3.     Allow urges

a.     What is an urge?


4.     Repeat 












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