EPISODE 46: 17 Amazing Lessons From 17 Years of Marriage

Jul 26, 2020

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17TH ANNIversary edition. 

Happy anniversary, 


This week, in honor of our anniversary, 17 things we’ve learned in our marriage. 


1. Number one marriage takes work

2. we can do hard things   

3. It takes commitment

4. stay calm

5.  follow your path

6.  assume the best

7. : support and encourage your partner. 

8. believe in yourself

9.  Everything is figure out able

10.   work on your own stuff

11.   do what you feel needs to be done 

12.  own your mistakes. say sorry 

13.   you are not responsible for the happiness of your partner 

14.   dream big, failure will happen, don’t let it hold you back or keep you down

15.   empathy and compassion are invariably better than judgment and purposeful misunderstanding 

16.  the shower is a great place to talk

17.  You never know when your greatest trials will become your greatest triumphs until you’ve made it all the way through 



Number 2: 8 kids is a lot of laundry 


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