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Episode 146: Focus on You

Jun 20, 2022

Episode 145: Avoiding Pornography - Three Tips

Jun 13, 2022

Episode 144: A Thank You Letter To Porn

Jun 06, 2022

Episode 143: What it takes to quit pornography

May 30, 2022

Episode 146: Focus on You accountability agency becoming a solid person changing the narrative thinking about the problem differently Jun 20, 2022

Overcome Pornography: Focusing on Yourself Is the Only Way

Happy Fathers’ Day yesterday! I hope it was a pleasant day with ample food and kind words. 


Before I forget, this week I have a free masterclass set up for you on Wednesday at 7:30 PM MT.  We are going to be learning how to drop the porn struggle.  Be sure to register at

How to become an expert on yourself and why it matters if you want to leave pornography behind.

When I am...

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Episode 138: 3 Keys to Using Prayer to Overcome Pornography agency prayer Apr 25, 2022


I’d like to take you back to General Conference a few weeks back. I loved listening to President Nelson as he spoke about how to keep spiritual momentum. 

If you don’t recall the talk, he offered 5 ways to Maintain positive spiritual momentum. 

The five were

  1. Get on the covenant path and stay there.
  2. Discover the joy of daily repentance.
  3. Learn about God and how He works.
  4. Seek and expect miracles.
  5. End conflict in your personal life.

I’d like to talk about...

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EPISODE 134 - The Power to Never View Pornography Again agency choices Mar 28, 2022


During a coaching session this week my client and I were discussing agency and how language matters in the way that we perceive our struggles and engage with our trials.  

As we were talking about pornography we were going over the different ways that we deal with other things that we abstain from.  In particular, beer. 

I think i’ve talked about this on the podcast before, but I’ll just touch on it briefly here.  If you want to go into the way...

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EPISODE 1: Agency and Addictive behaviors addiction agency Oct 03, 2019

Agency and Pornography Addiction



Agency is a really important part of everyday life. Many of us think of it as our freedom of choice and in a lot of ways that’s right.

For individuals who believe they are addicted to some behavior or another the phrase, “I can’t stop” is a typical refrain.

I find it interesting and powerful that the phrase “I can’t stop” is the one we use. True addiction seems to include some compulsion, but we...

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