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Episode 146: Focus on You

Jun 20, 2022

Episode 145: Avoiding Pornography - Three Tips

Jun 13, 2022

Episode 144: A Thank You Letter To Porn

Jun 06, 2022

Episode 143: What it takes to quit pornography

May 30, 2022

Episode 138: 3 Keys to Using Prayer to Overcome Pornography agency prayer Apr 25, 2022


I’d like to take you back to General Conference a few weeks back. I loved listening to President Nelson as he spoke about how to keep spiritual momentum. 

If you don’t recall the talk, he offered 5 ways to Maintain positive spiritual momentum. 

The five were

  1. Get on the covenant path and stay there.
  2. Discover the joy of daily repentance.
  3. Learn about God and how He works.
  4. Seek and expect miracles.
  5. End conflict in your personal life.

I’d like to talk about...

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EPISODE 8: Choices - Solutions to get unstuck from pornography choices mission prayer tell others Nov 12, 2019

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Choices – the way forward.

Finding your way is a matter of choices and making the ones that you believe will bring you the most happiness.

So, I often work with young men struggling with pornography who are just about to graduate high school and, for members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, that means that they are getting ready to choose whether they will serve what we call a full-time mission.

That means that they will spend 2 years away from family,...

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