• Zach Spafford

How much change will it take?

How do you improve your wins by nearly double and make 46x the money?

In sports, as in life, being just a little better makes an extraordinary difference.

When I began to make strides in my addiction recovery it wasn't huge wins that made the difference.

I didn't wake up one morning and the internet was gone or cell phones magically no longer displayed certain images.

The strides I made in avoiding pornography were more like little shuffles.

A slight movement here, a careful reflection there.

In the long run, each of us has the capacity for greatness.

Some of us get there without even trying.

Some of us need someone to help point out where we are and why we're there so we can begin the process of making slightly better choices.

But no matter what, the difference between being free from behaviors we want to stop and being a slave to them is a matter of degree.

By the way, Novak Djokovic won just 6% more points in every match to become the number one player in the world.

That's just 1.44 more points per set and just over 4 more points per match.

Sign up for a free mini session at zachspafford.com/workwithme and I will show you how a slight change can make all the difference.

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