• Zach Spafford

Setting boundaries as a pornography user

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

When it comes to pornography use the conversation about boundaries is usually directed toward the spouse who is not using pornography.

This is not that discussion.

This article is about how we all set boundaries about the things we will and will not do and how to move that boundary closer to where you want it to be. Which for many users is to a place where pornography is not used.

Most Latter-day Saints have boundaries around things like not drinking coffee or alcohol. We set up boundaries to our behavior all the time, like whether or not we will eat Brussel sprouts.

As a pornography user you may feel that paying for content is not ok. Or you may have a boundary around when and where you will use.

Take a look around and ask yourself, what boundaries have I set, how have I been successful in maintaining those lines.

Take back your freedom from pornography by moving your boundary a little further out.

Reduce the ways and the means by which your usage would be allowable.

Successfully overcoming pornography is a series of small changes.

Try this one.

You’ve got this!

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