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I am a Latter-day Saint who felt I would never be able to eliminate pornography use from my life. 
Then I learned the skills that changed me forever. 

You can stop, I can help. Commit to 30 minutes and begin the conversation that will change you, change your pornography habit, and change your future. 

Your change begins here:

Actual results may vary based on individuals snd their willingness to engage. The best way to see if this might work for you is to go through the application process and speak with me through a free mini session. I am not a doctor, physician, counselor, or therapist. I'm a coach. I do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prescribe treatment for mental health issues. What I do is help you see your thoughts, feelings, actions and results with regard to circumstances you are encountering in your life. This process empowers you with skills to be able be the person you want to be and show up as that person in your daily life and interactions.  The buffering that you engage in, whether it is pornography or eating or anything, then becomes less potent, and you can choose to act differently. If that kind of help interests you, apply now.