Hi, I'm Zach.  I'm your overcoming pornography expert.  I've been where you are and know the skills you need to overcome pornography forever.  

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Pornography habits are hurting the lives and families of men just like you. I will help you stop using and get your life back.

When you think of all that pornography use has taken from you, it may be difficult to feel any hope in your ability to overcome. I know, I've been where you are.  

The tools I teach can help you find the change you have been fighting for. No more shame. No more guilt. You can leave pornography behind, I can get you there.

I've got you.

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Be clear about what pornography has cost you. 

This free download is a good start.

Thoughts from clients...

I just wanted to personally thank you for doing such a great job with [my son]. He appears to have stopped his habits. I know he is still having temptations but he tells us he is able to overcome them. We will be forever grateful to you for your work. It is so needed in this world. 

Again thank you for your work! It is invaluable and I can tell [he] is a different person and also has appreciated you as a friend. You are amazing and I will be eternally grateful for how you have helped my son. 


It started when I was 8 years old. The computer was left unlocked in the middle of the night and I came across a fake gift card website. But on that fake website was an ad…. It led to a chain reaction that eventually would cause a lot of sorrow in my life. 

By the time I was 12 I had stolen a phone and used it to look at pornography 3 to 4 times a day. I was abused growing up and this was my escape, my way of "feeling good". I was caught by my father trying to hide the phone, upon realizing what I was looking at, he decided kicking me out was the best decision. The sad thing was it only made it worse.


At age 16 I was so good at putting on a face, lying, and hiding my issue that nobody around me knew what I was going through. I remember church leaders and parents congratulating me on "how well I was doing without it". I couldn't tell them the truth, I couldn’t break their hearts. 


I decided to attack this myself, I would set goals that I could never keep and would only make me feel more discouraged. I went to support meetings and worked through pamphlets. I prayed and begged for it to be taken. Nothing was working. I felt hopeless and alone.


At age 18, I had rationalized, lied, stolen, hidden and straight out accepted my addiction. I tried to stop; I couldn't stop. I tried everything, I felt as though a million pounds was on my back. I made up my mind and decided I'd lie until the day I died.

I'm 19 now, halfway through my mission. I found Zach through an ad on Facebook. He let me know he could help, and we started a journey for which I will be forever grateful. He taught me skills, that not only apply to pornography use but also how to lead a successful life. Zach taught me, using LDS principles, that there is a way out of this. There, in fact, is a way to change. I'm finally on my way and I'm further than I have ever been.


Change your life, give Zach a call and find your freedom.

- AB